Fish Production

We pride ourselves in producing strong, healthy quality fish from our fish farm.  We have been supplying fisheries, angling clubs and private estates all over the country now for well over 20 years.

Key to the success of our operation has been the ability to spawn the majority of our fish species.  These are produced from carefully selected broodstock that are brought into the hatchery in early springtime. They are artificially induced to spawn using a combination of day light length temperature and hormone injection.  Eggs from the females are carefully stripped into bowls and mixed with the milt of males.

Eggs from the females being carefully stripped into bowls and mixed with the milt of males.

Hardened eggs stored in incubation vessels (Zuger jars) to allow larvae  develop.

Over the next few hours the eggs swell and once hardened off are transferred to incubation vessels (Zuger jars).  The fish larvae develop over a period of 3-6 days (dependant upon species) until they are ready to hatch.  From this stage onwards they are reared in shallow troughs and fed on a natural diet of Artemia spp.  Outdoor pools are then prepared ready for stocking of the fry by making sure that the aquatic invertebrate life is of a suitable size and quantity.  Each year the fish rearing pools are drained and left to completely dry out.  Lime is then spread on the bottom of the pools (as a disinfectant) before being filled with spring water.  Regular cropping and management of the fish pools then ensures that fish are thinned out for growing on ready for sale. Although we may have some species available in bigger sizes these will be limited and it is best to ring and check availability.  We mainly sell smaller sized fish which are ideal for stocking or growing on.