About Us

Fair Fisheries was established in the early 90’s by Will & Rosie Fair.   Combining Will’s farming background, knowledge of fish and enthusiasm with Rosie’s experience as a marine biologist with Environment Agency, we started with only a few rearing pools and a limited number of species. Over the years this has developed to the stage where we have 30 rearing pools all of which are fed by underground spring water, a hatchery and the skill and experience in spawning 12 different species of coarse fish.  The fish farm is based on two separate sites and is now one of the biggest fish farms in the North West supplying fish all over the country.

We have a purpose built hatchery from which we spawn the majority of coarse fish species, mirror & common carp, green tench, crucian carp, chub, bream etc. All our brood stock are kept on-site in order to minimise any risk of disease.

Biosecurity is of primary concern to us and we have strict policies in place based on CEFAS (DEFRA) guidelines.  Prior to any fish movement and sale we obtain health certificates as required by Environment Agency legislation.  This involves a sample of fish sent to a registered Fish health Consultant who undertakes a routine health check.  In addition to this we regularly monitor our own fish populations for parasites as good practise.  We are also regularly visited by CEFAS (at least twice/three times a year) and on occasion provide a sample for analysis for viral diseases.

We have a small dedicated experienced team of staff who have years of experience in fish handling and fish movement.